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About me

over 25 years experience

My story

A long time ago, I made model sailing yachts from all sorts of collected and found resource and I would draw the process, so I had record of the development. In those days, developing film was expensive, so I had to be choosey with what images I wanted, usually it was the final product.   Colour film was becoming a trend. I got an afterschool job. So, there it began, Ann and her camera.   

I have had many cameras over the years and remember the first digital camera I purchased. Moving into the digital photography era presented many opportunities for me.  I could capture anything and everything and have the images at my fingertips to be shared wherever or with whoever I want. 

As time has passed, my photography business has expanded with the services I provide, so too as the ingenuity. A unique aspect of my photography service is my mobile photography studio. I come to you.  My passion is to help others to tell their story, sell ideas and grow their brand.